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Casper McFadden (1938-1950) is one of the two main protagonists and titular characters of Jade and Casper. He is the older brother of Jade McFadden, son of JT and Catherine McFadden (nee Taylor), and nephew of Stretch, Stinkie and Fatso McFadden.


Early life and death

Casper was born in 1938 to Catherine and JT McFadden. He always wanted a sled, but his parents forbade it. However, one day, Casper found the sled down stairs, a gift from his father to him. He spent out in the cold too long, and later died of pneumonia in 1950.  


After their son's death, Catherine found herself pregnant with hers and JT's second child. Casper later came down to keep his family company. He found his mother had left his father, not taking any more of Catherine's husband's "insane thoughts" of their son still alive. Casper's sister, Jade McFadden was born in 1951. However in 1964, when Jade was twelve, she became immortal and then befriended her older brother 


Jade McFadden

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sister and best friend. Casper and Jade have known each other since 1964 and live in Whipstaff for nearly fifty years. Casper is highly protective of Jade and cares for her deeply, seen in the series. They however fight often in the TV series, but get over it in the end.  

Kat Harvey

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Kat is Casper's romantic interest and best friend. They both first didn't have a likely relationship, with Kat scared of him. After their encounter, Caspe rand Kat (along with Jade) easily warm up to each other. He first knew of Kat through the TV news and immediately fell in love with her. They end up becoming great friends, but come to have a brother-sister relationship in the TV show.  

Dr. Harvey

At first, the doctor is scared of Casper (and his family members). However, Dr. Harvey soon warms up to Casper as well as his uncles and sister. They later become good friends and Dr. Harvey is also a fatherly figure to Casper, helping him in situations that deal with sibling trouble or family trouble or something else that's troubling him.  


Before the events of Jade and Casper, Casper had no friends. However after meeting Jade, they both become best friends and afterlife-long companions. He does befriend Kat.